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Please do not forget to submit Life Certificate during the month of November & get system-generated acknowledgement from the branch vide e-Circular No.CDO/P&HRD-PPFG/62/2015-16 dt. 14th October 2015 (which is given at Sr. No.57 at the link 'Bank's Circulars)

In this connection Bank has issued e-Circular No.CDO/P&HRD-PPFG/70/2015-16 dt.24-11-2015 regarding submission of Digital Life Certificate which is given here :

It is also clarified by the Bank that physical 'Life Certificate' will continue to be accepted from pensioners if preferred by them

(This is important for those who doesn't have Aadhar Card)


Important Circular has been issued by the Bank extending Misc. Benefits & Facilities to employees/officers on Voluntary Retirement.

The Circular & its enclosures is given hereunder:

e-Circular dt.7th October 2015 -

Annexure to above e-Circular -


Improvement in SBI retired Employees Medical Benefit Scheme


Executive Committee of Bank's Central Board have issued

an e-Circular whereby -

1) Spouses of those employees who die while in service after putting in at least 20 years of Pensionable service and after attaining the age of 50 years will be allowed to become member of the Scheme available upto plan-'E' by paying stipulated membership fees.

2) The scheme is open to those family pensioners only in respect of employees whose death occurred on or after 23rd September 2015. (It is learnt that for existing eligible family pensioners, similar scheme is being introduced shortly.)

The above mentioned e-Circular is given as follows -


A Good News for senior Pensioners & Family Pensioners who have completed or will complete 80 years of age on or after 1st July 2015 are being given one time 'lumpsum' amount as 'GOODWILL package' as mentioned in Bank's Circular letter No.CDO/PM/16/SPL/324 dt.11th May 2015.

The Circular Letter under reference is given here -

Bank has also extended the scope of 'Goodwill' package to include

pre-28th May 1998 retirees at the age of 58 yrs -


LATEST POSITION of W.P.1875 of 2013

The Federation has advised the latest position about hearing of above W.P.No.1875 of 2013 at Delhi High Court as follows :


Regarding the W.P.No.2353/2014 transferred from Jharkhand High Court, the petitioner submitted that he is withdrawing his challenge of vires of Rule 23(2).On 6th April 2015 the case was also heard and the Judges allowed him to withdraw the case and issued an order in this respect. A copy of this order is enclosed.

The Order passed in respect of W.P.No.2353 of 2014 (Zarkhand High Court case) is given here -


Attention for those who wish to avail Housing Loan after retirement

Bank has issued a circular for those who want to avail Housing Loan for which they need additional time to finalize a house/flat so that facility of
enhanced limit can be availed by them. Even if such retired employee is not able to acquire/complete construction of house before 30.06.2015, housing loan under IHLs can be sanctioned upto 30.06.2015 repeat 30.06.2015.

Members can take advantage of this extended time limit

We give here the relevant e-Circular for information -


Attention 5th & 6th Bipartite Pay Scale Retirees

& Improvement in SBIRE Medical Benefit Scheme - II

Federation has advised that Central Board of the Bank has passed a resolution revising pension ceiling of 5th & 6th Birpartite retirees and is expected to put up proposal to the Govt for its approval.

Also, a proposal for some improvements in SBIREMBS-II is underway. The details are given here -


Attention Members

Important decisions taken by the Bank which are advised by our Federation vide its Circular Letter No.21/2012 dated 17-09-2012

(the relevant Circular Letter is reproduced at Sr.No.39 at link - 'Bank's Circular)

1) Pensioners who are in foreign countries during NOVEMBER may furnish their Life Certificate in the month of November to any branch of State Bank of India OR any other Indian Public Sector Bank located in that country OR arrange for obtaining their Life Certificate attested from an authorised official of the Embassy / High Commission of India or Counsel of India. After obtaining the Life Certificate duly attested as mentioned above, the pensioner may forward the same to their Pension-paying Branch immediately in November itself to avoid stopage of pension.

2) Bank has extended all 29 pathological tests to all centres where Bank's dispensary/ies have been established

3) Joint A/c opened by Pensioner with his spouse eligible for family pension can be continued even after death of the pensioner for crediting family pension sanctioned in due course. The name/s of disabled/mentally retarded children can be added to this account.


Transfer Petitions filed by our Bank in the Supreme Court

The hearing on 10-01-2014 held regarding the Transfer Petitions Nos.750-758 filed by our Bank in the Supreme Court for transfer of the W.Ps/W.As pending in the Madras High Court.

The proceedings dated 21-07-2014 are given here -

The next date of hearing is posted to 22-09-2014

Latest developments have not been advised


New Delhi High Court Writ Petition No.1931 of 2002
Premvati Bagga & others  Vs  Union of India & others

Now the hearing is taking place on every Thursday. Whenever the Federation will advise any significant development, it will be known to the members.

While passing order on 31-07-2014 it is said that "Counsel for the respondent No.1/UOI seeks accommodation on the ground that there has been a change in the panel of the Central Government Standing Counsel for Union of India and the brief has been recently assigned to Mr.Anil Soni, CGSC. he states that some time be granted to enable him to collect the brief from the previous counsel and prepare the same. At the request of the counsel for the respondent No.1/UOI, List in the week commencing from 11th August 2014

The next date has been fixed at 16th July 2015


Payment of Dearness Relief with 100% Neutralisation to pre 01-11-2002 pensioners

Our Federation had written to the Bank regarding payment of Dearness Relief with 100% Neutralisation to pre 1-11-2002 retirees to which

Bank advised the Federation as follows -

In response, our Federation wrote to Bank -


Federation's views about Transfer Petitions filed by Bank -


Attention HRMS Portal Users

As you know w.e.f. May 2012 the Bank has shifted the work of processing and payment of 'Pension' to CSPPC,Kolkata. We are giving the revised procedure to access our individual pension details (Pension Slip) as also furnishing the Investment details to the Bank through "Pensioner Portal" made available to the Retired SBI employees .

The detailed instructions are given at this link -


Advice of Revised Family Pension

To take prints, the following steps should be taken by the Branch staff.
1) Visit Bank's web-site ''
2) then go to 'Mumbai Circle' menu,(or the Circle in which your pension-paying branch is located)
3) then go to the PP&G Dept's link,
4) then select 'pension' link option,
5) Then select - 'simretired before 1/11/2007' folder and open it. Here you will see individual files in the names of each Branch
6) then double click on file in the name of your pension-paying branch
7) Press keys "Control+F". Then at the right hand top corner there is a window where please type your Prov. fund Index Number (without leading zeros)
8) Here, you will find respective pensioner's advice of revised family pension (for those retired before 1-11-2007).
9) Please take two prints and do the needful as mentioned above.
Please go to the Pension paying branch and request the concerned staff to follow the above instructions and get your advice of revised family pension.
Please note the above procedure is available at Branch system only. Don't try it at your Home computer.

When you get the advice, please verify whether name of your spouse is given in it. If not, please write a letter addressed to the PP&G Dept, Mumbai LHO, giving full name of your spouse and her/his Date of Birth with a request to incorporate the same with PPG Dept's records and issue fresh Family Pension Advice after incorporating the name of your spouse. You may send a copy of earlier family pension advice wherein name of the spouse has already been recorded for ready reference of LHO.


Revision of Family Pension w.e.f. 1-11-2007

in respect of eligible members of the Fund, who retired/retire on or after 1-11-2007

Central Board of the Bank in its meeting dt. 24-12-2011 have accorded approval for revision in Family Pension in respect of eligible members of the Fund, who retired/retire on or after 1.11.2007. The relevant e-Cirfcular has been given at Sr. No.35 in the 'Link' "Bank's Circulars" for information of members. The work of calculation of arrears to the eligible Family Pensioners covered under 9th Bi-partite settlement as per the revised formula given in the above mentioned e-Circular No.CDO/P&HRD-PM/62/2007-08 dated 28-01-2012 has been undertaken by the PPG Dept, Mumbai LHO and the arrears will be paid to the eligible Family pensioners, if any, in due course.


Attention All the Ex-Servicemen Pensioners

We are glad to inform all the ex-servicemen pensioners that Bank has issued e-Circular regarding sanction/payment of family pension to the family pensioners of ex-service employees in addition to Govt. family pension.

The relevant e-Circular is given here -


Life Certificate

(revised instructions)

Bank has issued e-Circular No.CDO/P&HRD-PPFG/29/2011-12 dt. 3rd June 2011 giving revised instructions regarding submission of Life Certificate by Pensioner/Family Pensioner in the month of November each year and has also prescribed format.

The relevant e-Circular and the format of Life Certificate is given at this link. Please click -

The relevant e-Circular is also given in the 'link' - "Bank's Circulars" at serial number 33


Attention Pensioners retired under 9th Bi-partite Scales

Bank has issued e-Circular regarding payment of revised Pension as per 9th Bi-partite settlement to the eligible employees. Please note that the revised pension will be calculated by LHO and will be put up to Corporate Office for its approval. And then arrears, if any, will be calculated by respective LHO and will be credited to the eligible pensioners' accounts in due course which please note.

The relevant e-Circular is here - please click ...

Good News for 9th Bi-partite Retirees

About inclusion of Half of PPQ & FPP in revised pension w.e.f. 1.11.2007. The necessary amendments to the Pension Regulations will be passed in the Executive committee of Central Board meeting shortly to give effect to the revised formula which please be noted.

We give the Circular issued by the Bank in this respect.

Please click here :


Release of "Special Balancing Allowance"

to the 9th Bipartite employees/officers

including retirees

Relevant e-Circular is given here -